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28 OctFeather Tattoo Designs For LA Girls

Feathers are usually associated with bird or the wing or the image of Native Americans in many tattoo designs. A single feather as a tattoo design can represent or symbolize the ability to take flight, both spiritual, emotional or creative. Feather tattoo is an elegant tattoo design suitable for girls, feather shows elegance and softness which is the basic quality of women. Women are getting feather tattoos in different ways and different parts of body. check out the colors added to the feather tattoos, specially the colorful peacock feather tattoo design.

Some feathers are very different in shape and size that they are easily identified by certain species of birds, such as eagle feathers, Peacock, Ostrich Plume, and Bird Heron, just to name a few. Like the feather that will represent the characteristics associated with the bird. Mostly the feather tattoos are associated with peacock feather tattoo designs that are specially for girls tattoo designs.

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